Exploring the Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice & Smoothies (Part 2)

In my last post I went over some of the health benefits of cold pressed juices, so today’s focus is all about smoothies! As much as I love a refreshing, Cold Pressed Juice, I also really love a rich and creamy smoothie. When made the right way, a smoothie can mirror the indulgence of a milk shake, but with tons of great health benefits. Personally, a smoothie is usually my go to after a workout. It’s a great way to refuel, without the sometimes heavy or weighted feeling a big meal can give you. I’m often also rushing after the gym so a smoothie makes sure I’m getting my blood sugar up and refueling my muscles with protein.

Smoothies have been on the health scene for ages, but there are some important things to know when making or buying them.

  1. Since a smoothie is a combination of blended fruits and vegetables, drinking a smoothie can be like eating a salad or fruit salad through a straw. Both soluble and dietary fiber are present in a smoothie, along with nutrients and enzymes.
  2. Smoothies can contain fruits that are very difficult (sometimes impossible) to juice, like bananas! It’s also a lot easier to add superfoods and protein to a smoothie. Once you’ve decided on your fruits and veggies, blending in nut butter, cacao power or protein is a no brainer.

Buyer beware! Smoothies can be really healthy but they can also be filled with sugar and artificial ingredients. If you’re purchasing from a smoothie shop, look out for key words and ingredients like fruit juice, fruit powder, fruit syrup, ice cream or frozen yogurt, and even pure sugar. These ingredients take a ton of the health out of the smoothie and end up getting you back to more of a milk shake space than a healthy treat.

The most important thing to note with these posts is that I am not suggesting you should choose one over the other, just to choose what works best for you. I have a happy mix of both smoothies and juices in my life, I just pick the one that works best for me in the moment. I pick brands with clean ingredients and no additives, or if I’m making it myself I try not to overdo it with too many sugary fruits or additives. What works for me may not work for you, and that’s ok, finding what works for you is all that matters.

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