Greek Style Veggie Platter

There’s really nothing I love more than feeding my friends and family. One of our first must have purchases when we moved into our condo last year was a huge dining room table, and table setting to be able to host 16 people.

Clearly, as times have shifted since this COVID craziness, we haven’t had a single person over for dinner in months. We’re still not having anyone into our condo, and since we don’t have a backyard, big gatherings are out of the question. This has meant us getting pretty creative with how we’re enjoying a meal with our loved ones.

Fortunately, the weather in Montreal has stayed quite nice, so we’re enjoying as many meals outside as we possibly can. This means, lots of picnic style projects including easier to transport foods. I always love a good platter because not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they’re easy to create a theme and incorporate lots of different food choices for people. In these times, it’s important to make sure you bring serving utensils so that no one is double dipping or eating right from the platter, but that’s a super simple fix!

This platter is a Greek inspired one I threw together a few weekends ago. The version I made was fully veggie, but you can also add in some chicken and pita so that people can make their own wraps!


  • English cucumber
  • Artichoke Hearts (1 can)
  • Hearts of palm (1 can)
  • Red bell pepper
  • Yellow bell pepper
  • Canned Chickpeas
  • Mixed olives (or just kalamata)
  • Pickled Turnips
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Tzatziki (I used the Rawesome dairy free version)
  • Optional- pita, pita chips, grilled chicken, pepperoncini peppers


  1. Pour the tzatziki into a small bowl and place in the center of a large platter.
  2. Cut your cucumber into rounds and arrange on a large platter. Then slice your bell peppers into strips and add to the plate.
  3. Rinse off the chickpeas and add to the plate
  4. Cut the artichoke hearts in half and add them to the plate.
  5. Add the hearts of palm, olives, pickled turnip and cherry tomatoes

If you’re serving with pita, slice your pita into halves or quarters and add to the plate. Dice your roasted chicken and add next. Voila! All done, and you have an easy meal you can cover and transport to dinner.

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