Holiday Gift Guide 2: Give the Gift of Fitness

Yes, gyms and fitness studios are closed in most places, but that doesn’t mean that fitness has to stop. Thankfully, many places have converted their offerings online so that you can workout from the comfort of your own home. Weather permitting as well, personal trainers are taking their classes outside so that you can still get that in person workout, without breaking any rules.

If you have a fitness lover in your life who’s missing getting in their regular sweat, take the opportunity this holiday season to get them the gift of fitness! Get them a subscription to an online platform, a class pass to a studio’s virtual offering, or even sessions with a personal trainer (most are offering sessions on Zoom)

I’ve put together a list of my favourites for you to check out this holiday season. There’s a little something for everyone below, with workouts of all shapes and sizes!

  1. Me! I offer personal training and group fitness classes by Zoom. Check out my rates here or email me for more information!
  2. Fit Fomo: Fit Fomo is a great platform if you’re looking for variety. They have a little bit of everything from a group of the best Montreal trainers. You can also get individual classes if you don’t want to subscribe for the year. Check them out at
  3. ASculptBody: A Sculpt Body is the perfect platform for someone looking for a low impact burn. Alessia has workouts of all difficulty levels, but the common thread is regardless of intensity, they are all gentle on the body. You can check out her site at
  4. Body by Jojo: Body by Jojo is a mix of Barre workouts and a little more high intensity. She’ll have you sweating real fast as a part of the Body by Jojo community. Not only are the workouts great, but she creates a community for the members to connect through and motivate one another. Check out her site at
  5. Fit by Troy: If you’re looking for a little more high impact, mixed with some HITT, mixed with resistance, Fit by Troy is for you. Troy creates incredibly fun and challenging workouts that can be done by all levels, but are especially loved by the most intense fitness lovers out there. Check out his site at
  6. Dime Pilates: Dime pilates is not your average pilates site. The platform was created by Madison Cassidy with the goal of creating an inclusive and empowering fitness platform, with the goal of improving people’s relationship with fitness, not to focus on the scale. Check out her site at
  7. Sara Bucks Movement: Sara created her platform in the middle of the pandemic as a way to give her clients more access to remote workouts. She has created classes, challenges and a community around her site. Mostly focused on Barre and yoga styled workouts, Sara Bucks Movement is another awesome low impact site to try out!
  8. StaceyLelFitness: Stacey Lel Fitness is pilates on crack (excuse the term, but it’s the best way to describe it). Her workouts are some of the most challenging you’ll do, but are also good for all levels. You choose your resistance, you choose your weights, so ultimately you decide how far to take it. Regardless of the level you choose, you will get in a killer sweat, and see the results you’ve been looking for. Check her out at

Some of my other favourite studios that have gone virtual are

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