Holiday Gift Guide 3: Give the Gift of Fashionable Fitness

Getting dressed for a workout can be just as much fun as getting dressed for an evening out. Activewear has evolved so much over the years, that getting dressed for a workout is no longer just about functionality, but it can be about fashion.

While what you look like when you sweat it out is absolutely not the most important thing, it can help motivate when you have a great outfit to put on. I know I love getting dressed in a fun set and some cute running shoes anytime I’m doing a class. It makes me feel good to match how I’m feeling on the inside with how I’m feeling on the outside.

I’m also, as always, a bit advocate for not needing to break the bank when getting decked out for a workout. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look great in your activewear. There are tons of affordable brands that I love, as well as ones that have great sales to take advantage of seasonally. The best part? I’ve got some great discount codes that you can use to shop some of my favourite brands too!

  1. Activewear: This is probably the most obvious of the gifting ideas. Getting someone who loves to work out a brand new activewear set is like a kid getting the newest, shiniest toy ever. Finding functional and fashionable activewear is easier than ever these days too, but when making your final selections, try to look at the fabric content and features. A sign of quality activewear is when the fabric is moisture wicking, and look for fabric types like nylon, spandex, supplex, tactel, lycra, dri-fit and meryl.

Here are some of my go to activewear brands. A lot of them are Canadian small business, which I love!

2. Running Shoes: Little known fact, but running shoes should be replaced yearly. This is especially true for someone who works out a few times per week. The soles of the shoes get worn in, so there is less support for your back (yes, it’s all connected!). Unfortunately, shoes can be expensive, so many people (myself included) put off replacing their running shoes for way too long. This is why, getting a new pair as a gift for the Holidays is so welcome!

Tip: Check out sites that have an “Outlet” section on them, or go to the actual outlet store when looking for a gift. You’ll be able to get great quality brands, but for a fraction of the price. I’m eying a pair of Adidas right now that are more than 50% off online!

3. Equipment: I know it may not sound glamorous, but there is some really cute fitness equipment out there. Just because you have a home gym, doesn’t mean it needs to be all business, it can be nice to look at too! This gift option can also be done without considering the aesthetics of the equipment. Workout gear can get pricey, so for someone who’s actively working out at home, a new addition to their setup is always appreciated.

Some suggestions if you want to spruce up someone’s home workout situation are:

  • Bala Ankle Weights: these are a bit on the pricier side, but they’re one of the best ankle weight options, that just happen to be available in a ton of cute colours. You can find them online, but they’re going fast, so I recommend ordering early.
  • New Hand Weights: Hand Weights can be pretty basic, but you can also get really nice neoprene or wrapped weights. Some of my favourites I actually found at Maxi’s (the grocery store!) they were light teal and were available form 2lbs through 15 lbs. Amazon is another option to find a good set, or you can go to a local Fitness Depot.
  • Yoga Mat: If the fitness lover in your life happens to also be a Yoga, Barre or Pilates lover, a new yoga mat can go a long way. There are tons of options out there, ranging from $40-$150 depending on the brand. My go to has actually been my Lululemon mat, but Lole also has some fairly affordable ones. Another great fitness hack is to check out a local Winners or Marshalls, they tend to have great options at a reduced price.
  • Kettlebell: I know what you’re thinking, so one would consider a kettlebell a cute gift. Well, maybe not initially, but they have some “prettier than” options available that are nicer than the average weight. This is another Maxi’s find from the other day- they had grey and light purple kettle bells ranging in weight from 7 lbs- 20 lbs available.

4. Post Workout Wear: After a workout, you need something to throw on to head home from the gym. Even though most workouts are being done from home now, that doesn’t take away from the need for a cute sweatshirt to toss on quickly when you’re finished with your sweat.

Some post workout wear options include

  • A cute cropped sweatshirt: these are easy to come by from most activewear or sportswear brands.
  • An oversized sweatshirt: Not everyone is into the crop. For me, it depends on my mood, but that over size, cozy vibe is always a good post workout go to. One of my fave options right now is Made Equal. Their sweatshirts are unisex, so they make a perfect gift for both the fit fashionista or the fit guy in your life.
  • A nice gym bag: This isn’t just a post workout item, but a pre-one too! Having a great gym bag makes going to the gym a lot easier, because you’re less likely to forget anything you need. As an added treat you can fill the gym bag with some goodies for your gym goer- like a new water bottle, some face wash, some clean beauty products, the options are endless and makes it the gift that keeps on giving.

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