Let’s Get Moving! 10 Minutes a Day in May

One of the main things I hear when people say they are hesitant to start their fitness journey is that they just don’t have the time. With everything they have going on, finding the time to workout just hasn’t been possible or made a priority.

With the hectic lives we all tend to lead, it’s understandable that the number 1 reason why people shy away from fitness is they think they don’t have the time. The number 2 reason is they don’t know where (or how) to start, and coming in at a close 3rd is the confusion over all the different workout options available.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Yup, this sounds just like me,” then I’ve got the solution for you.

In May, I am committing to 30 days of 10 minutes of movement a day. I’ll be going live on Instagram every day in May to host a 10-minute, express workout. All workouts will be low impact, strength and conditioning, with a different focus each day. If you can’t participate in one of the live workouts, they will be saved to my IGTV to be viewed at a later date. The schedule will be posted weekly to the MichLWellness Instagram account.

These workouts are not just for beginners or for people looking to start their fitness journey. There will be a little something for everyone and can be done from the comfort of your home.

So, why 10-minute workouts and why the month of May?

  • It’s easy to find 10 minutes in your day. You can take 10 minutes in between meetings, before dinner, or even waiting for some water to boil to squeeze in these workouts.
  • 10-minute workouts are fast and efficient. You can get in the workout you want and target specific areas of your body.
  • 10-minute workouts can be combined to create a longer series ­– mix and match your favourites or repeat one series a few times over.

What’s so special about May?

I chose May to introduce the 30 Days of Movement Challenge to celebrate the launch of my new MichLWellness member space. As of May 1, you can join the MichLWellness community online and have access to amazing on-demand workout content, live workout content, and monthly member-only content featuring recipes, tips, tricks, interviews, and wellness guidance. I’ve taken my 3-pillars to wellness approach and transformed it into a community space for you to start or to continue your wellness journey. Join the community! Start your 10 day free trial now!

I can’t wait to be a part of your wellness journey!

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