On the Road Again! 3 Simple Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

I travel pretty frequently for work. It’s my favourite part of my job, but can be a bit disruptive in certain respects. During a usual work week, I work out 4-5 times a week and I try to cook fresh meals every day. Needless to say cooking fresh meals while in a hotel room is out of the question. I won’t let that impact my way of eating too much though so I’ve developed a few easy tricks for sticking to healthier food options while travelling.

  1. Steer clear of fast food. Sounds easy right? Not always though- I work in retail development so I end up in malls a lot of the time when I’m travelling. This often makes the food court the only option for lunch. While this won’t be the case for everyone, if you do find yourself in a food court for lunch, a safe bet is to try to find a make your own salad place like Freshii. If and actually salad place isn’t an option, which has happened to me, find a restaurant that serves salads, soups or meal size soups. A greek restaurant is always good choice and they have a pretty good selection of proteins too. Thai Express is another good option but their food is fairly high in sodium so it’s a better last resort than first choice. Sushi can be a good options as well since a lot of places have begun to offer bento boxes, meals size soups or teriyaki. I recently had Bento Sushi at an airport and their udon noodle soup was surprisingly delicious and a better bet than a bag of chips for dinner.
  2. Don’t get trapped at the restaurant. Most work trip days end with everyone going out to dinner. The dinners are usually later than I would normally eat, and I also try to have dinner be my smallest meal of the day which is tough in a restaurant. When it’s really late in the day, I’ll often opt for a salad or an appetizer instead of a main to avoid over eating and feeling really full in bed.If I am in the mood for a bigger meal, I try to steer clear of the carb options with dinner and replace them with steamed or roasted veggies. I end up at Moxies or the Keg quite a bit when I travel and have found delicious options on both menus- Moxies has a really good seared tuna salad and the Keg has some good fish options. They all tend to come with garlic mashed potatoes but they’ll replace that with veggies no problem.
  3. Point 3 is kind of two points in one- See if your hotel room has a fridge and see if there is a grocery store near your hotel. It’s not always the case but if it is it makes eating healthy way easier when you’re travelling. Grab a few fresh items like fruit, cut up veggies and cheese to keep in your room. We’re all prone to wanting to snack after a long day, but at least this way you have a healthier choice than the hotel vending machine, gift shop or room service.

I know it sounds pretty simple, that’s because it is! Work travel is often long days and by the time you get to eat it seems easier to pick comforting fast food or junkier options than looking for a healthier choice. The healthier choice is just easier than you think!


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