Pole Dance Workout

I’ve actually been dying to try a pole dancing class for ages, but just never got around to doing it. Not an excuse, I know, but at least I finally got to try one last weekend! I was in Ottawa for my friends bachelorette party and one of the day activities was burlesque dancing. I’m always game for a dance class, but much to my delight, when we got to the studio, found out that it was also fully equipped for aerial yoga and pole dancing!

We spent the majority of the time doing the burlesque routine, but towards the end of our time there, the instructor showed us a few moves on the pole. Well, let me tell you, I am not amazing. The amount of upper body and core strength these moves take is incredible. I was able to get myself up and around a few times, but it was by no means graceful. (I have the bruises to prove it)

The teacher then did a few freestyle moves to give us a better idea of what a seasoned vet looks like. It was amazing to watch. She made it look so simple and graceful that it made me want to go back and try again! This is definitely something I would do again, and I would fully suggest trying a class if you have a studio in your city. You can also do it with a group of girl friends. It doesn’t have to be for an occasion, a group workout is always more fun than a solo one!

​[wpvideo khli5nvp]​
If you want to check out the location I went to, it’s http://cherryblossomstudio.ca/ in Ottawa

There’s also http://www.milanpoledance.com/montreal/ and http://www.dgentertainment.ca/register.html in Montreal

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