The WANTactive Weekly Meal Plan

Young woman at her table with food- meal plan

I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you the first ever WANTactive weekly meal plan! I’ve put together an easy to follow 5 day meal planner to help you navigate your food choices. Below I’ve outlined a few simple guidelines to follow, and then all you have to do is shop, prepare and eat! Hope you guys enjoy!

  1. Download the PDF guideline, for FREE and review all of the meals. If there are certain ingredients you aren’t the biggest fan of, that’s OK, they can all be substituted. What’s important to note though is being conscious of your substitution choices. Don’t swap a vegetable for something packaged or processed for example. Swap a vegetable for another vegetable of equal value. For example- don’t love kale? It can be switched out for arugula, mixed greens or romaine.

WANTactive Weekly Meal Plan

2. Get shopping! I’ve included the list of groceries you’ll need in order to make the recipes in the meal plan and to make life easier for you when you shop. Read through the recipes before you grocery shop. You don’t have to get everything on the list, you can pick and choose based on your recipe selections. For example- don’t like chicken? Don’t buy it! Substitute with another protein, either plant or animal based.

WANTactive Weekly Meal Planner Grocery List

3. Prep, prep, prep! The key to success is getting your groceries over the weekend and using Sunday to prep as much as you can for the week. By preparing veggies, quinoa, snacks and even some of the protein in advance, you’re more likely to stick to the plan. The meals have also been set up in such a way that you can use leftovers for the next day’s lunch or dinner. (Quinoa for example is an option with dinner Monday night, and it’s your salad base later in the week)

4. Have fun with it! You don’t have to follow the recipes to the letter of the line. If you like certain flavours, or don’t like others, play around with it! For example- I DO NOT like cilantro but it would be a really nice addition to any of the mexican inspired dishes. If you’re a fan, add it to your grocery list and include it in the recipe!

Be sure to tag WANTactive in your recipes! I’d love to see how it’s going for you guys! Enjoy and happy cooking!


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